Saturday, January 24, 2015

Tips for Increasing Show Sales


1. Help your hostess set a goal. $1,000 party is an amazing tool! Offer an incentive if the hostess meets her goal.

2. Pre-orders!!! Help your hostess generate a list of people to ask in advance. Give her a list of ideas (aunts, cousins, grandma, mom, neighbors, coworkers). Encourage her to shoot for 2-3 orders before the party. Incentive for certain # of orders or sales amount.

3. Over-invite, over-invite, over-invite! Follow up individually with people. Optimal: live party with 8-10 people; Facebook: 25 people. Give her goals so she knows what to shoot for.

4. Give examples. Create images of actual hostess orders. Get your hostesses together in a Facebook group and recognize high-selling hostesses.


1. Show more expensive items. Encourage customers to fall in love with the statement pieces (videos, pictures, trying them on at live parties).

2. Offer award for “pick 6” (or 5 or 4… judge your crowd). You want to encourage them to spend just that little bit extra that maybe they wouldn’t have already.

3. Incentive for ordering *that night* - particularly for Facebook parties, because live parties the incentive is just being there. Make it a good one!


Make sure your hostess follows up after the party. Have her make a list of all the people who expressed interest in ordering but didn’t. Follow up personally with each one. Give a deadline of 24 hours after the party so there is a sense of urgency.

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