Monday, February 9, 2015

Focus Group Feedback

I just had a focus group at my house and learned a lot about what people think of adornable.u! Here are some highlights:

Pieces they'd most likely buy:

Handwritten By U on p. 29 (5 suggested)
Day Trip Bracelet on p. Back (3 suggested)
Genuine Bead on p. 48 (2 suggested)
Midnight Necklace on p. 17 (2 suggested)
Nomad necklace on p. 6 (2 suggested)
Ruffled necklace on p. 26 (2 suggested)
Tulle Skirt necklace on p. 27 (2 suggested)
Watcher necklace on p. 44 (2 suggested)
Weekend Bracelet on p. 19 (2 suggested)
Banner (coral) on p. 8 (1 suggested)
Boho Star ring on p. 20 (1 suggested)
Chocolate Cake necklace on p. 30 (1 suggested)
Confetti necklace (silver) on p. 47 (1 suggested)
Eventide Necklace on p. 13 (1 suggested)
Frosted Heart necklace on p. 34 (1 suggested)
Glimmer Bracelet on p. 23 (1 suggested)
Happy Day Necklace on p. 5 (1 suggested)
Harper necklace on p. 32 (1 suggested)
Linked Chain Bracelet on p. 40 (1 suggested)
Luminous Dots (mint) on p. 13 (1 suggested)
Lush Leaf on p. 31 (1 suggested)
Maven necklace (silver) on p. 34 (1 suggested)
Maven necklace 9gold) on p. 30 (1 suggested)
Metalic Pebble Bracelets on p. 46 (1 suggested)
Ribbons necklace (silver) on p. 32 (1 suggested)
Ruffled bracelet on p. 26 (1 suggested)
Salted Petal necklace on p. 26 (1 suggested)
Scripted Love necklace on p. 10 (1 suggested)
Sea Glass necklace on p. 8 (1 suggested)
Sparky Surprise on p. 17 (1 suggested)
Spiked Crystal earrings on p. 9 (1 suggested)
The Ropes necklace on p. 7 (1 suggested)
Waterflower Necklace on p. 11 (1 suggested)
Waved earrings on p. 11 (1 suggested)

Average Budget for a party order: $99

Rated pricing (1 = unreasonable, 4 = reasonable): 3.79 (most were 4's)

What makes adornable.u stand out?

  • Quality
  • Price
  • I just like the "style" of the jewelry! Other companies' lines look too tacky or too boring.
  • The same thing that set lia sophia apart - the range of styles reflected in the catalog. The prices are also notably reasonable.
  • Stacking necklaces, colors
  • There is a wide range of styles, plus the ability for multiple combinations.
  • The designs themselves! The interchangeable designs and versatility
  • Variety. Love you can change the "bead strand"
  • Quality!
  • Hostess benefits are pretty good

Want to see the form I used? Click here!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Facebook Party Hostess Letter

Pursue Your Happy
Jennie Williams, Founding Leader & Independent Style Mentor
315-527-0194 | |

Thank you for being a FOUNDING hostess for an adornable.u Facebook party!
Party Date: __________________________

I am very excited to have the opportunity to show your friends and family all of the newest, most versatile styles in fashion jewelry. As a hostess, you will be the star of the party, receiving discounted adornable.u jewelry and even earning pieces for FREE! I will be your partner every step of the way. 
This packet contains:
  • Our latest and greatest SPRING/SUMMER 2015 look book. Be sure to pass around at the office, church, sporting events, and around the neighborhood. Use it to make your wish list – dream big! You will be amazed at all the free and discounted jewelry you can get as a hostess!
  • Pre-Order Forms. Pre-orders are key to high show sales. Simply gather orders from your friends and family who cannot make it to the party. They can order by contacting me or use the forms I’ve included in this packet. Shipping is $5.95, and tax is assessed based on the customer’s address. Please feel free to email or call me with any questions about calculating outside orders.
Remember we’re shooting for at least $1,000 in sales so you can maximize your hostess benefits – 25% of sales in FREE jewelry and four items at 50% off (60% for my founding hostesses!)! The keys to achieving this goal are collecting 2-3 pre-orders, having high attendance at the party, being excited, and following up when the party is over.
I will be providing all the instructions you need via Facebook message, so keep an eye on your inbox. I will set up your event page for you and even give you sample wording for your pre-invitation messages to your friends. 
Be sure to remind your guests of our Forever Guarantee – if they ever have a concern about the quality of their jewelry, they can send it back.
Please feel free to call, text, or email me with any questions that you may have. I look forward to partying with you on Facebook!
Your adornable.u Style Mentor,

Sunday, February 1, 2015

adornable.u Order Form

Here is an adornable.u order form. Remember to have your hostess collect at least three outside orders before her party whenever possible. Here are some people to ask:

  • Coworkers
  • Friends at church
  • "Mom" friends at kids' activities
  • Out-of-town family and friends
  • (For Facebook parties) non-tech-savvy family and friends
  • Friends who can't make the party

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Facebook Party Posts

PART 1 – ROLL CALL: The time is here!!! So excited! OK so first things first! Who is here and ready to shop?! How do you know (hostess)?

(at the end) I'm excited you ladies could join! These parties move pretty quickly so even though I'm sure more will join us later, I'm going to move on to part 2. The important thing to know about Facebook parties is that you need to REFRESH your browser to keep up with the fun! (If you join us after I've moved on, please comment here so we know who’s shopping with us!!!)

PART 2 – MORE BLING FOR YOUR BUCK: Each of these balloons contains a prize. Claim your number RIGHT NOW! (Only one person can claim each number!) When you’ve ordered at least 3 items by 10pm EST, you’ll get to POP your balloon, and (hostess) will tell you what you’ve won!

Possible prizes:
10 extra entries in the $5 off drawing
$5 off your order
FREE SHIPPING on tonight’s order

(Answer key: Send to your hostess ahead of time.)

PART 3 – INTRODUCING THE JEWELRY: Now that you know how to get more bling for your buck, let's get to the jewelry, shall we? Here is a short video I made to show you some of my very favorite pieces from our spring/summer collection! Comment as you watch to let me know what you love and what questions you have. At the very least, “like” this post so I know you’re watching. It can be terribly lonely staring at a quiet event page ;)

PART 4 – RETAIL THERAPY: Now the moment you’ve all been waiting for!!! Here’s how to shop and order:

Browse the catalog here:

When you’re ready, send me a message with:

(1) Your selections
(2) Your email address, mailing address, and phone number
(3) How you’d like to give me your credit card information. You can share it via email, Facebook message, or text message (I will share my number with you via private message). Alternatively, I can call you tonight or tomorrow for the information! 

All orders are shipped immediately, directly to the customer, and shipping is $5.95. Everything is backed by a “forever guarantee” – if you are unhappy with the quality for any reason, you can return it!

I’ll be here to answer questions and be your personal shopping assistant until 10pm EST. Happy shopping!

(Image should be drawn from the Issuu site)

THANK YOU: Thank you (hostess) for hosting a fun and relaxing virtual girls' night! And thanks to everyone who attended, shopped, and ordered! I am so happy to share this jewelry with you :) If you didn’t have the chance to order tonight – don’t worry! We will be accepting orders through 9pm EST tomorrow. Thanks again for pursuing your happy with us tonight!

Facebook Party Description

adornable.u accessories is a BRAND NEW company, specializing in fun, beautiful, versatile jewelry that comes with a forever guarantee... and now you get the chance to shop for it in your PJ's, with a drink of your choice, in the comfort of your own home - right here on Facebook! :) (HOSTESS) is one of the first hostesses EVER, and you could be one of the first to own jewelry from this amazing line!

We're giving away $5 off your order:
Click JOIN (and Going -- not Maybe) before the drawing on party night to be entered!
***There will be a shopping special at the event for those who attend***

Come to this Event page on the night of the party for jewelry tips & tricks, a live chat for Q&A and personal shopping assistance, and the chance to win prizes! We'll chat right here through posts and comments. Remember to refresh often at the event so you keep up with the fun!

You can order anytime leading up to the event or AT the party! Browse the catalog here and message our rep (Jennie) your order when ready:

Happy shopping! See you at the party!!!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Facebook Party Pre-Posts

Post 1 per day for 6 days leading up to the party.

Respond to each person who comments, affirming her choice and/or sharing a tidbit about the pieces she selects (e.g., "You can wear that 7 ways! That's genuine turquoise!" 

Pre-party posts help you learn about the guests, and the guests learn about (and fall in love with) the jewelry!


#1 Welcome!!! What in the world is a Facebook party? Well I'm glad you asked :) Check out this short video for some information on what to expect. Can't wait for our virtual party on xx, xx @ 9pm EST!

(video link – video should introduce the company, preview why you love it, and explain what a FB party is)

#2 Let’s kick off these jewelry previews with some NECKLACES! Which of these beauties is your favorite?

#3 Where are my EARRING ladies? Which of these is closest to your style?

#4 Nothing adds character to an outfit quite like a BRACELET! Which of these do you like best?

#5 adornable.u is all about YOU! Make your jewelry your own by engraving your own necklace. What would your HANDWRITTEN BY U necklace look like?

#6 Wishing is free! Earn one extra entry in the $5 off raffle by making a comment below with your 6 favorite items from the style guide before the party starts tomorrow night at 9pm EST! Don't forget to share the style guide with the ladies on your holiday shopping list and get their favorites so you can order them something they will LOVE!

#7 This a VIP event, but you all get ONE VIP friend pass! Invite a girlfriend who you think would LOVE this jewelry. When she clicks Join (says she's Going) before the party starts at 9pm EST tonight, I will give you 5 extra raffle entries! Comment in this thread when your guest RSVPs so I know she “belongs” to you :) (And if you haven't joined yet yourself, make sure you do in order to get your first raffle entry!)

DAY OF “WHAT TO EXPECT”: What the heck happens at a Facebook party? Here’s what to expect! I’ll make a series of posts using the schedule below. You can interact with me through the comments. It goes by fast, so remember to REFRESH OFTEN to keep up with the fun! “See” you in just 5 minutes for part 1 :)

Facebook Party Hostess Coaching Messages

MESSAGE ONE: Here is the sample verbiage to send to your friends. Remember - individual, personal, private messages (no group messages or wall posts!). And then only add girls to the event who say they'd like an invitation. Send about 40-50 messages in hopes of 25-30 people joining.

"Hey (name here)! I'm having a virtual adornable.u jewelry party on Facebook next xx (xx) at 9pm. If you haven’t heard of them, it’s because they’re BRAND NEW! The owner led the design team for lia sophia. You’d be one of the first customers ever! I'd love you to be there! You just go to an event page to chat and shop online… and there are some great deals! Can I send you an invitation?"

Once someone says yes, add her to the event and then respond with something like, Great, I’m so glad you can come! I just added you to the event. Make sure you click join on the event so you get entered in a $5 off drawing! Here is the link:

MESSAGE TWO: Those RSVPs are rolling in – great job! Now time to get that WISH LIST started! That's the most exciting part of hosting -- how much you can get for free and at an awesome discount! Send it to me once you have it compiled and I can give you a sales goal to get everything on your wish list for one low price!

MESSAGE THREE: Looks like you have a good crowd interested! Remember we are hoping to have 25-30 join the event page – I’ve found that about half of the ladies who “join” actually attend, and about half of those order. So let’s follow up with ladies who are interested telling them to join to be entered in the raffle. It always helps to send the direct URL to the event page, too! Your URL is: xxx (And we may need to send out a second round of pre-invitations as well - what do you think?)

MESSAGE FOUR: I have a challenge for you! Collect three paid orders before the party starts, and I will give you FREE SHIPPING on your hostess order! Ask people who can’t come to the party, people you aren’t friends with on Facebook, and people who aren’t very tech savvy. Think: neighbors, coworkers, acquaintances, mom, aunts, grandma! You in?

MESSAGE FIVE: I’m SO EXCITED for your party tomorrow! Have you collected your pre-party orders yet? Looks like you have xx people joined (other than you and me) – that’s wonderful! Let’s try to get xx more by tomorrow for a GREAT party!

(OPTIONAL MESSAGE:) So xx clearly you have lots of friends interested in the jewelry, and hasn’t this been a blast?? I’d love to chat about the adornable.u business opportunity – you’d be pefect for it. Can I share some info?

MESSAGE SIX: Happy Party Day! Today is the day of reminders. Please remind the people who are coming that they need to be on the page at 9pm EST for the party. It goes by quickly! This is a new concept for people, so many do not understand they need to actually go to the page then. Please also remind anyone who was interested but didn't RSVP that they need to join to be entered in the raffle. And please follow up with anyone who was interested in ordering and try to get those pre-orders all set by tonight! I can't wait! I will be on the page at 8:30pm to start some chatter. Please join me :)