Monday, January 26, 2015

Facebook Party Pre-Posts

Post 1 per day for 6 days leading up to the party.

Respond to each person who comments, affirming her choice and/or sharing a tidbit about the pieces she selects (e.g., "You can wear that 7 ways! That's genuine turquoise!" 

Pre-party posts help you learn about the guests, and the guests learn about (and fall in love with) the jewelry!


#1 Welcome!!! What in the world is a Facebook party? Well I'm glad you asked :) Check out this short video for some information on what to expect. Can't wait for our virtual party on xx, xx @ 9pm EST!

(video link – video should introduce the company, preview why you love it, and explain what a FB party is)

#2 Let’s kick off these jewelry previews with some NECKLACES! Which of these beauties is your favorite?

#3 Where are my EARRING ladies? Which of these is closest to your style?

#4 Nothing adds character to an outfit quite like a BRACELET! Which of these do you like best?

#5 adornable.u is all about YOU! Make your jewelry your own by engraving your own necklace. What would your HANDWRITTEN BY U necklace look like?

#6 Wishing is free! Earn one extra entry in the $5 off raffle by making a comment below with your 6 favorite items from the style guide before the party starts tomorrow night at 9pm EST! Don't forget to share the style guide with the ladies on your holiday shopping list and get their favorites so you can order them something they will LOVE!

#7 This a VIP event, but you all get ONE VIP friend pass! Invite a girlfriend who you think would LOVE this jewelry. When she clicks Join (says she's Going) before the party starts at 9pm EST tonight, I will give you 5 extra raffle entries! Comment in this thread when your guest RSVPs so I know she “belongs” to you :) (And if you haven't joined yet yourself, make sure you do in order to get your first raffle entry!)

DAY OF “WHAT TO EXPECT”: What the heck happens at a Facebook party? Here’s what to expect! I’ll make a series of posts using the schedule below. You can interact with me through the comments. It goes by fast, so remember to REFRESH OFTEN to keep up with the fun! “See” you in just 5 minutes for part 1 :)

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