Saturday, January 24, 2015

10 Best Practices of Facebook Parties

  1. Have the party Sunday through Thursday at 9pm in the time zone to which most guests are local.
  2. Do not allow your hostess to "mass invite," post on her wall, etc. Everything should be personal and private to keep the experience more intimate and special.
  3. Aim for 25 people to "join." Remember, roughly half who join will attend, and roughly half who attend will order.
  4. Incentivize pre-orders.
  5. Use personal messaging for ordering and asking people to book.
  6. Only post in the event once per day leading up.
  7. Only "present" for 25-30 minutes tops. Wrap up the party at 10pm.
  8. Run an incentive for ordering before 10pm.
  9. FOLLOW UP individually with each person who did not order the next day.
  10. Leave ordering open for only 24 hours.

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