Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Facebook Party Description

adornable.u accessories is a BRAND NEW company, specializing in fun, beautiful, versatile jewelry that comes with a forever guarantee... and now you get the chance to shop for it in your PJ's, with a drink of your choice, in the comfort of your own home - right here on Facebook! :) (HOSTESS) is one of the first hostesses EVER, and you could be one of the first to own jewelry from this amazing line!

We're giving away $5 off your order:
Click JOIN (and Going -- not Maybe) before the drawing on party night to be entered!
***There will be a shopping special at the event for those who attend***

Come to this Event page on the night of the party for jewelry tips & tricks, a live chat for Q&A and personal shopping assistance, and the chance to win prizes! We'll chat right here through posts and comments. Remember to refresh often at the event so you keep up with the fun!

You can order anytime leading up to the event or AT the party! Browse the catalog here and message our rep (Jennie) your order when ready:

Happy shopping! See you at the party!!!

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