Monday, January 26, 2015

Facebook Party Hostess Coaching Messages

MESSAGE ONE: Here is the sample verbiage to send to your friends. Remember - individual, personal, private messages (no group messages or wall posts!). And then only add girls to the event who say they'd like an invitation. Send about 40-50 messages in hopes of 25-30 people joining.

"Hey (name here)! I'm having a virtual adornable.u jewelry party on Facebook next xx (xx) at 9pm. If you haven’t heard of them, it’s because they’re BRAND NEW! The owner led the design team for lia sophia. You’d be one of the first customers ever! I'd love you to be there! You just go to an event page to chat and shop online… and there are some great deals! Can I send you an invitation?"

Once someone says yes, add her to the event and then respond with something like, Great, I’m so glad you can come! I just added you to the event. Make sure you click join on the event so you get entered in a $5 off drawing! Here is the link:

MESSAGE TWO: Those RSVPs are rolling in – great job! Now time to get that WISH LIST started! That's the most exciting part of hosting -- how much you can get for free and at an awesome discount! Send it to me once you have it compiled and I can give you a sales goal to get everything on your wish list for one low price!

MESSAGE THREE: Looks like you have a good crowd interested! Remember we are hoping to have 25-30 join the event page – I’ve found that about half of the ladies who “join” actually attend, and about half of those order. So let’s follow up with ladies who are interested telling them to join to be entered in the raffle. It always helps to send the direct URL to the event page, too! Your URL is: xxx (And we may need to send out a second round of pre-invitations as well - what do you think?)

MESSAGE FOUR: I have a challenge for you! Collect three paid orders before the party starts, and I will give you FREE SHIPPING on your hostess order! Ask people who can’t come to the party, people you aren’t friends with on Facebook, and people who aren’t very tech savvy. Think: neighbors, coworkers, acquaintances, mom, aunts, grandma! You in?

MESSAGE FIVE: I’m SO EXCITED for your party tomorrow! Have you collected your pre-party orders yet? Looks like you have xx people joined (other than you and me) – that’s wonderful! Let’s try to get xx more by tomorrow for a GREAT party!

(OPTIONAL MESSAGE:) So xx clearly you have lots of friends interested in the jewelry, and hasn’t this been a blast?? I’d love to chat about the adornable.u business opportunity – you’d be pefect for it. Can I share some info?

MESSAGE SIX: Happy Party Day! Today is the day of reminders. Please remind the people who are coming that they need to be on the page at 9pm EST for the party. It goes by quickly! This is a new concept for people, so many do not understand they need to actually go to the page then. Please also remind anyone who was interested but didn't RSVP that they need to join to be entered in the raffle. And please follow up with anyone who was interested in ordering and try to get those pre-orders all set by tonight! I can't wait! I will be on the page at 8:30pm to start some chatter. Please join me :)

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