Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Facebook Party Posts

PART 1 – ROLL CALL: The time is here!!! So excited! OK so first things first! Who is here and ready to shop?! How do you know (hostess)?

(at the end) I'm excited you ladies could join! These parties move pretty quickly so even though I'm sure more will join us later, I'm going to move on to part 2. The important thing to know about Facebook parties is that you need to REFRESH your browser to keep up with the fun! (If you join us after I've moved on, please comment here so we know who’s shopping with us!!!)

PART 2 – MORE BLING FOR YOUR BUCK: Each of these balloons contains a prize. Claim your number RIGHT NOW! (Only one person can claim each number!) When you’ve ordered at least 3 items by 10pm EST, you’ll get to POP your balloon, and (hostess) will tell you what you’ve won!

Possible prizes:
10 extra entries in the $5 off drawing
$5 off your order
FREE SHIPPING on tonight’s order

(Answer key: Send to your hostess ahead of time.)

PART 3 – INTRODUCING THE JEWELRY: Now that you know how to get more bling for your buck, let's get to the jewelry, shall we? Here is a short video I made to show you some of my very favorite pieces from our spring/summer collection! Comment as you watch to let me know what you love and what questions you have. At the very least, “like” this post so I know you’re watching. It can be terribly lonely staring at a quiet event page ;)

PART 4 – RETAIL THERAPY: Now the moment you’ve all been waiting for!!! Here’s how to shop and order:

Browse the catalog here:

When you’re ready, send me a message with:

(1) Your selections
(2) Your email address, mailing address, and phone number
(3) How you’d like to give me your credit card information. You can share it via email, Facebook message, or text message (I will share my number with you via private message). Alternatively, I can call you tonight or tomorrow for the information! 

All orders are shipped immediately, directly to the customer, and shipping is $5.95. Everything is backed by a “forever guarantee” – if you are unhappy with the quality for any reason, you can return it!

I’ll be here to answer questions and be your personal shopping assistant until 10pm EST. Happy shopping!

(Image should be drawn from the Issuu site)

THANK YOU: Thank you (hostess) for hosting a fun and relaxing virtual girls' night! And thanks to everyone who attended, shopped, and ordered! I am so happy to share this jewelry with you :) If you didn’t have the chance to order tonight – don’t worry! We will be accepting orders through 9pm EST tomorrow. Thanks again for pursuing your happy with us tonight!

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