Sunday, January 25, 2015

Pre-Party Steps

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After you've set a date for your Facebook party, here are some steps to follow:

1. Send out a packet (2 weeks before the party or whenever you set the date)

I include:

(1) a catalog
(2) 3 outside order forms
(3) a letter from me
(4) a recruiting flyer

It usually weighs less than 12 ounces, and I sent it First Class Mail via USPS as soon as I have the party date set.

2. Schedule a phone call (10-12 days before the party). 

I strongly advocate for having one 15-minute conversation with your hostess on the phone. Here is what I cover:

(1) The hostess benefits
(2) The customer specials
(3) Collecting outside orders
(4) What to expect: the process of pre-inviting friends to the party, setting up the page, etc.
(5) Any questions she has

The pre-invitiations are CRUCIAL! Your hostess should choose 40-50 friends to send personal, private messages to asking them if they'd like an invitation to the party. Here is some sample wording:

"Hi (name here!) I'm hosting a virtual adornable.u accessories party done completely on Facebook and would love you to be there. Can I send you an invitation? It will be Tues, Apr 29 @ 9pm EST. You just go to a Facebook event page to shop and chat live!"

Only when the friends respond YES does the hostess add her to the event page and ask her to *join*.

3. Set up the event page and send pre-invitation wording (10 days before the party)

Set up the event page and make your hostess a host. Remind her ONLY to invite the people who responded YES to her pre-invitation. We are striving for about 20 people to join. Run some sort of raffle or incentive for people to JOIN the page so they get notifications of your pre-party posts.

4. Pre-party posts (once per day for 7-9 days leading up to the party).

Each day, post ONE picture post in the event. Asking guests to "vote" about something seems to work best (which bracelet do you like best, which two would you layer together, etc.). I also have started making my first post a "welcome" with a video of me, just letting them know who I am and what to expect from this experience.

5. Continue to coach your hostess. 

She should be striving for a $1000 party, so you need to help her get outside orders. Also chat with her about getting bookings. Her last major responsibility BEFORE the party is to remind friends to come to the page that night, remind people who can't make it to order, and remind people who haven't responded yet to JOIN!

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